Saturday, June 25, 2011


I had wanted this blog title to be "Between Then and Now". I had wanted to chronicle what had happened to me between February and now, June. Then, I realised that I had to stop blogging. Simply because I no longer can afford the time to blog. It was not a difficult decision. The frequency of my blogging has become like that of Chinese New Year visits, only once a year.

It is fitting to have a farewell post then, and also to justify why I no longer have the time to blog. We welcomed our third child, Ju, to this world on 6 June 2011. She looks just like En, just a more petite and lighter version of him at his birth. She has more hair, is demanding when it comes to feeding time and makes tiny cooing voices when she hears the musical toy hung on her crib. The brothers really love her. They are excited when she cries. Yi will tell me that "Mei Mei crying" upon hearing her wails. En will remind me that she is hungry and that I should feed her (bossy isn't he!). They like to kiss her when mummy is nursing Ju, or pull at her mittens or try and tickle her tiny wrinkled feet. They like to carry her. No longer than 2 seconds afer Ju is placed in their arms, En will plead with me to take her away for he is afraid of dropping her. Yi will simply let her head drop backwards (since her neck is still not strong to hold it up) and smile happily, unaware of the poor sister's neck and head posture. In between feeds, I will be reading to the boys, singing songs with them. Today, we pretended that my bed was the school, they were students, and I the teacher. Apart from feeding Ju, playing or reading to the boys and diapering Ju, there really isn't much time for anything else!

I turned 33 recently. Thank you dearest husband for the very lovely pot of flowers! :) I count my blessings from God, 3 lovely children! By God's grace, I started my own practice. Its small but I will commit it to the Lord to help me take it as far as it can go. Well, how will I have time to blog??!! I think I will just stick to reading facebook comments for de-stressing. Its never quite the same with facebook. I mean who will read this super long entry? But I guess it will have to do. May God help me use my time wisely in the days ahead. Goodbye readers. Goodbye blog. Can anyone print out my entries and have it bound in a journal? Please let me know. :)
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Night Owl

I am becoming a bit of an owl recently. After putting the boys to bed, I find myself invariably drawn to the computer to do some "work". "Work" means anything from replying email, home admin (usually means clearing the perpetually messy study table!), and real work (the work that brings in the dough).

I find it more peaceful to work at night. I think all mummies will know what I mean. No little ones tugging at your shirt, cajoling you with their super cute look to go play with them. No slightly bigger ones asking you to do painting, craft or watch scary parts of Kung Fu panda movie with them. Only the whirring sound of the fan, my incessant typing on the keyboard (either making silly comments on facebook or doing real work.. ha.. which explains why I take so long to complete my work and why I end up sleeping even later!) and the bright computer screen staring me in the face.

I like the peace at night. I am less distracted but at the same time, also slower. The brain is definitely slower at night and distractions like the internet abound.

Its now 12.53 am and I just read some working lawyer mama's blog, checked in on the statuses of my facebook friends (I have no idea why I am such a busybody!), typed a few sentences for work purposes and now blogging. I think I would be much more efficient if I did only work, sans other internet-related activities. I would also look fresher in the morning if I accordingly got more rest! Hmmpphhh.... I think I will blame the internet!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! :)

I cannot recall the last time I blogged. SO much has happened since then. I started my own business. Got pregnant. My two boys all the time growing up really fast: Yi started walking, climbing chairs and sofas, speaking in not-so-intellgible sentences and En started N2 this year, surprising us constantly with the darnest and funniest things he would say.

En really takes quite good care of his brother. Not all the times but I would say most times. Sometimes he bosses him around and I can hear my tone of voice in his bossy-ness!

I thank God for these two lovely boys.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun morning!

It has been a while since the boys had so many fun activities in one morning! We started off with paper painting, which soon became hand-painting. It was Yi's first contact with slimy paint and he really enjoyed it! After that, we did stamping. Halfway into the activity, my MIL returned home and wanted to bring the boys to the playground. We spent some fifteen minutes at the playground and came home after that. En discovered the face paint I had and wanted to be painted as a tiger. I tried to paint a tiger face. Alas, it looked more like a little kitten! Thankfully, En's deafening roars and clawing around made up for the kitten face paint and he was once again assured of his position as the tiger king in our home!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blessed days

Blessed are the days I am able to bring the boys out to the park for some sunshine.
Blessed am I to enjoy this time of the boys' childhood.

Its such a wonderful thing to see Yi growing up and following his brother around, mimicking his actions. It really warms my heart to see En and Yi play together. Blessed are you boys, to have each other.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Tiring Day

I wanted to blog about my amazing today. It was amazing as I managed to be occupied every single minute of the day!

8.30 am: Drag
9 am: Send En to Berries chinese class.
9.2 am: I had a sumptious egg on salmon muffin from Coffee Bean.
10 am: Make work phone calls. Send sms-es to hubby, friend etc.
11 am: Pick En from Berries to cut hair.
12 pm: Bring En to pick up wall stickers for room.
12.30 pm: Feed En and myself lunch.
1.20 pm: Pat En to sleep. After that, check email, make more calls.
2.30 pm: Bring En to pre-school.
3.30 pm: Visit post office and bank.
4.15 pm: Grocery shopping at NTUC.
5.15 pm: Visit doctor for more antibiotics!!
6.15 pm: Pick up hubby, face Friday jam on way there and home.
7pm: Back home, play with boys, eat dinner.
8.30 pm: Bring Yi to sleep for the night.
9.30 pm: Accompany En to sleep, chat a little, pray and then he fell asleep.....
10.30 pm: Upload pictures onto iMac.
11.30 pm: Time to go seek rest physically and in the Lord.


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Precious Times

En and Yi are growing up really fast these days. I know I said it before in my previous blogs. I guess, at this age, they just develop so quickly emtionally, mentally, physically and socially.

Joshua is now 13 months, thinner since a huge illness and also due to the fact that he has been walking all over the place. His newfound mobility gives him so much potential to explore any new place that he is in. He is constantly on the move! I like this picture of Yi holding his Ah Gong's hand and making a dash forward to something/ someone (who knows!). He is indeed a "gung ho" little boy and quite fearless. Although pats his chest when he is scared of loud sounds, like the renovation drilling works that are happening recently just above my floor. He likes to copy his older brother, follow him around and tries hard to destroy whatever En is building. Hmmm. its funny isn't it? En is at a constructive stage and Yi, a de-constructive stage of his life!!

En is always building something: with his engineering blocks (see picture above). I think that was meant to be agun. And it was so symmetrical! I love his creations! I pray I never stifle his creativity too much, though the education system might! He builds a hospital, fire station, a zoo, the park, dinosaurs, guns etc.. Lego is probably one of the most money-for-value toys around. The basic building duplo set allows them to set their imagination on fire and build practically anything!! He also loves to draw and this is the season of DINOSAURS. His all time favourites are soldiers and gun drawings. En is also a very sweet boy. Recently, when mummy (moi) was super ill, he told my helper that she had to take care of di di and him as mummy was ill. He also prayed spontaneously for my (and also daddy's recovery).

En says the darnest things! Its going to be ironical as I cannot recall any specific thing he said now! But at the right moment, he will say: Mum [emphatic pull on the word], don't say "lah". (I was the one who first told him not to say that word). He doesn't like Jesus dying on the cross. He wants to keep reading about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the grave (side comment: what a glorious message of salvation. Even a little kid understands and shouts hooray! when Jesus rose from the cross). He is always trying to push the blame to di di these days if any item is broken or spoilt. Yesterday, when Yi accidentally drew on his card which he had drawn for grandma, En said, "Mum, I won't forgive Di Di!!". I reminded him that Jesus said that one should forgive seventy-seven times (i.e., everytime), + told him I would be sad if he did not forgive Di Di + (when the above two reasons failed to convince him) you cannot play with Di Di if you don't forgive him. The last reasoning woke him up to his senses and he forgave his brother!

I leave this entry with a quote from a calendar sitting on my desk:
"Being a parent is the most important work you'll ever do. Take it seriously but
don't forget to enjoy every moment".
God Bless.

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